Article ID : S1F0011 / Last Modified : 03/20/2019

Memory Stick® Media Compatibility Information for Sony® Digital Camcorders

    Important Information:

    • This "Compatibility Chart" only provides compatibility testing results for the Memory Stick media applications listed in each product's instruction manual with Memory Stick media types listed below.
    • This chart does not guarantee support for all Memory Stick media types' performance nor compatibility among Memory Stick media compliant products.
    • Memory Stick media transmission speed varies by, and depends on, host hardware devices' features and circumstances of use.
    • Attach a dedicated adapter to use a Memory Stick Duo media in a slot for standard size media.
    • The Memory Stick media capacity indicated on the packaging will differ from actual usable capacity. A portion of the memory is used for data management file functions. Refer to the back of the packaging for the minimum guaranteed capacity. Click here to view the Memory Stick media user capacity chart.
    • This compatibility chart and specifications are subject to change without notice.


    *1 = Data over 123MB cannot be recorded in a single session.
    *2 = Memory Stick media with 128MB or 128MBX2 capacity are not compatible with this product type.
    *3 = For Memory Stick Duo media ONLY. Standard Memory Stick media cannot be used.
    *4 = You can use the Memory Stick with a PC card adaptor. This product is not applicable for DCF system.
    *5 = This product recognizes 100MSDCF only.
    *6 = A dedicated adapter (MSAC-M2) must be attached to use Memory Stick Duo™ or MagicGate Memory Stick Duo media.
    *7 = The MSAC-MMS adapter must be attached to use the Memory Stick Micro™ media in a slot for standard size Memory Stick Pro media. Compatibility is not guaranteed when using the MSAC-MMD adapter in combination with another adapter.
    *8 = The MSAC-MMD adapter must be attached to use Memory Stick Micro™ media in a slot for Duo size Memory Stick Pro media. media.
    *9 = The file system incorporated in the Memory Stick limits the capacity of a file to be recorded or played back to less than 4GB.
    *10 = This product is made by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    *11 = The Memory Stick® media may not be able to record or play video.
    *12 = When recording video, use a Memory Stick® with a minimum copacity of 512MB.
    *13 = The transmission speed may not be faster when using the Memory Stick Pro (High Speed / Mark 2) and Memory Stick Pro-HG.
    *14 = Use a memory stick 1GB or over when shooting video.
    *15 = The maximum file size of a single continuous recording is 2GB.
    *16 = This media may not be available in all countries due to variations in radio wave regulations.
    *17 = The TransferJet™ function is not compatible with this product.