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Sony Support Tip for November 2005

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Quick Tips for the RDR-GX315 / RDR-HX715 / RDR-VX515 DVD Recorders
By Steven (Sony Customer Experience Center)

Have you ever missed your favorite TV show or movie because of other things going on in your life? Or wished you could transfer all of your old VHS tapes over to DVD?

Well, if you have, then a Sony RDR-GX315, RDR-HX715 or RDR-VX515 DVD Recorder is the perfect addition to your home theater system.

With one touch dubbing, the convenience of recording has never been as easy as it is with the RDR-GX315/RDR-HX715/RDR-VX515 recorders. The ability to play and record on + r double layer discs in addition to DVD-R/-RW and DVD+R/+RW discs is truly amazing¹. An i.LINK® interface makes connecting and recording from other equipment such as a DV or Digital8® camcorder considerably easier and much more efficient. These DVD Recorders have the ability to utilize Progressive Scan Technology which doubles the lines of resolution bringing a clearer and sharper image.

A digital audio-out jack enhances your viewing experience by achieving superb audio quality through Dolby® Digital 5.1. When you feel like sitting back and listening to music, the RDR-GX315/RDR-HX715/RDR-VX515 DVD Recorders will playback CD-R/CD-RW discs, including MP3 files².

You no longer have to worry about handling several different remotes because these units are supplied with Remote Commander® Multi-Brand compatible remote control that is capable of controlling most major brand televisions and A/V receivers.

The sleek and compact design of the RDR-GX315/RDR-HX715/RDR-VX515 DVD Recorders combine the features of a DVD player and recorder, a VCR* (*RDR-VX515 only), and a CD player into one unit, providing extensive placement options for your home theater system. When your friends and family members come to visit, they will be excited to enjoy all of the features and capabilities of your Sony DVD Recorder.

Here are some tips and tricks to help thoroughly enjoy the newest addition to your home theater system.

Tip 1. Record VHS tapes to DVD with one touch dubbing.

  1. Press DVD and insert recordable disc.
  2. Insert the VHS tape that contains the video you want to copy to DVD.
  3. Press < video on the recorder to begin dubbing.

Tip 2. Program the remote control to function with your TV and AV receiver.

  1. Slide the TV/DVD-Video switch to TV.
  2. Hold down the 1/O (Power Button).
  3. Enter the TV manufacturer code. Codes can be found in the manual or at
  4. Release the 1/O (Power Button).

Tip 3. Use the built-in television tuner to receive Picture-in-Picture (PIP) with your TV (requires a TV with PIP capability).

  1. Connect the CATV cable to the single (input) jack of the splitter.
  2. Using a coaxial cable, connect one of the output jacks of the splitter to the TV's cable jack.
  3. Using a coaxial cable, connect the splitter's other output jack to the VCR's input jack.
  4. Using a coaxial cable, connect the VCR's output jack to the TV's VHF/uhf jack.
  5. Run an auto program on the DVD Recorder and you are setup for PIP.

From the Sony Customer Support Team

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

Steven is a Consumer Support Representative working at the Sony Customer Experience Center in Ft. Myers, Florida. Steven specializes in Home Audio/Video and Television products.

*1 Playback on all home DVD players, computer DVD drives, and PlayStation 2 consoles cannot be guaranteed. Some players, drives, and video game consoles lack the ability to read due to the optical reflection standard of DVD-R/RW discs and/or due to encoding incompatibilities. Refer to the specifications of your playback equipment for additional compatibility information.

*2 CD-R/RW playback may not be compatible with all discs, depending on recording conditions.