What you can do (Make personal movie discs in HD, back up data)?

    Your VAIO® computer system comes with all the applications you need to fully take advantage of Blu-ray Disc™ technology. Create and play Blu-ray Discs with high definition video content, preserve your digital still image files, keep your music collection, and back up all your other important information.

    The programs that help you do all that include:

    Click to Disc - an application that allows you to automatically move picture and video media from one source to another. Files on a digital still camera, unprotected disc, camcorder, or a DLNA server on a network can be transferred to DVD media, Blu-ray discs, or to the hard drive.
    Click to Disc Editor - this allows you to collect and edit picture and video content and create Blu-ray discs without menus (BDAV), discs with descriptive menus (BDMV), or discs with more sophisticated menus using Java technology (BD-J).
    Roxio® Easy Media Creator - this program is perfect for backing up large amounts of data to recordable optical discs. The version of Roxio Easy Media Creator installed on Blu-ray Disc equipped VAIO computers supports the creation of data discs using BD technology.
    InterVideo WinDVD BD® for VAIO - a software Blu-ray Disc player combining all of the features of a standard BD player with advanced functionality.