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How to Clean the Image Sensor on the α (alpha) Camera

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When changing the lens, dust or debris may gets inside the camera and adhere to the surface of the image sensor. If this happens, it may appear on the final image as a dark spot.

Your camera is equipped with the anti-dust vibration fuction to prevent dust from adhering to the image sensor. If dust or debris remains, however, clean the image sensor in the procedure below.

Before Cleaning After Cleaning
Before cleaning After cleaning

Required items

Brush for camera cleaning Blower for camera cleaning
Camera cleaning brush Air blower

Video: Before cleaning

Before cleaning the image sensor, remove dust or debris on the surface of the camera. This is also effective as daily cleaning of the camera.

How to clean the image sensor

There are two methods for cleaning the image sensor. Normally, (1) is recommended. If dust or debris remains after the procedure (1) is performed, however, try the procedure (2).

(1) Use the auto cleaning function of the camera

(2) Use the blower for camera cleaning


  • Cleaning can be performed only when the remaining battery capacity is 50% or more. Use an AC Adaptor AC-PW20 (sold separately) or fully charged battery.
  • Do not use a spray blower because it may scatter water droplets inside the camera body.
  • Do not put the tip of a blower into the cavity beyond the mount, otherwise the tip of the blower may touch the image sensor.
  • Hold the camera face downward to prevent the dust from resettling in the camera.
  • Do not apply a mechanical shock to the camcorder during cleaning.
  • Take extreme care not to scratch the image sensor. If it is scratched or damaged, it will not be covered under warranty.

After cleaning

Confirm that the dust has been removed by cleaning.

Set the camera to the aperture priority mode, set the F-value to F11 and shoot a white surface or clear blue sky.

Check the recorded image to confirm no dust remains in the area where it used to be.
If it still remains, contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.