Article ID : S1F1358 / Last Modified : 08/13/2019

Premium tools powered by iolo technologies

    Keep Your New VAIO® Computer at Peak Performance

    Like a car, every PC needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. That's why Sony VAIO computers come with VAIO Care, which allows you to troubleshot performance issues.

    Now Sony has partnered with iolo® Technologies to provide more essential tools for your PC's health. With your upgrade to Premium Tools, you get three additional features that can instantly improve overall speed and stability, increase the responsiveness of your critical programs and optimize your Internet settings for faster browsing!

    Program Accelerator

    The Symptoms: Your program takes longer to open, they respond more slowly. When you have multiple applications running, you experience lockups or crashes.

    The Problem: Over time, the many interdependent files that make up a program tend to drift apart and become scattered across the hard drive. The misalignment not only impacts the speed at which your programs can run, it also causes excessive movement of the hard drive, which leads to unnecessary wear-and-tear on your hardware.

    The Fix: Program accelerator

    Program accelerator uses a patent-pending calibration technology to determine which program files are misaligned and should be grouped together for the fastest possible access. Once the dependent application files are realigned, the result is more efficient startup and more responsive performance from all of your programs.

    How to run the Program accelerator tool
    1. Launch the VAIO Care application
    2. Select Advanced Tools
    3. Select Premium Tools
    4. Select Program accelerator

    5. Allow the utility to scan your Hard Drive
    6. Select the checkmark next to "Local disk drive (C:)..."

    7. Select Next
    8. Select the preferred options
    9. Select Optimize
    10. Wait for the optimization to complete
    Memory defragmenter

    The Symptoms: Your PC gets progressively slower throughout the day, even after restarting. One or more of your larger programs frequently look up. You regularly see low memory error messages.

    The Problem: When memory is low, everything on your PC can suffer. The two critical problems that reduce your available RAM are (1) fragmented memory which occurs simply with regular use - as we open, use, and close programs, and (2) memory leaks, which occur when a program doesn't release memory after the program is closed.

    The Fix: Memory defragmenter

    Memory defragmenter reclaims valuable memory and tackles both corruption issues: it allows Windows to reassemble memory into neat, contiguous order and frees the memory held captive by memory leaks.

    How to run the Memory defragmenter tool
    1. Launch the VAIO Care application
    2. Select Advanced Tools
    3. Select Premium Tools
    4. Select Memory defragmenter

    5. Select Optimize

    6. Optimization is now complete

    Internet performance

    The Symptoms: Your Internet connection has recently started to feel sluggish or it has always been slower than expected, even with a high-speed connection. Video and other streaming media sputter when played. Online gaming randomly falters.

    The Problem: A significant influence on your web speed is a set of Windows configuration settings related to network and Internet connections. PCs come from the manufacturer with certain settings already in place, but these presets are not necessarily the best settings for your connection type. Further, various programs can make silent adjustments to these core settings.

    The Fix: Internet Performance

    Internet Performance automatically custom fits your computer to suit your Internet connection. By adjusting the settings that affect network and Internet connection speeds, Internet Performance fine-tunes your configurations so that more data can be transferred.

    How to run the Internet performance tool
    1. Launch the VAIO Care application
    2. Select Advanced Tools
    3. Select Premium Tools
    4. Select Internet performance

    5. Select the connection type

      • DSL, Cable, other high speed : Select Broadband connection
      • Dial-up, WAN : Select Dial-up connection
    6. Select Optimize
    7. Save your work and then select Restart now to complete the optimization