Article ID : S1F1588 / Last Modified : 08/13/2019

Update via USB Storage Device After Network Update Failure

    This update procedure is specifically for use if the over the network update has failed and the speaker no longer works.

    Failure Symptom: The On/Standby Button indicator flashes red, and the UPDATE button flashes orange during the update. The speaker does not function. You can power the speaker on and off, but nothing else works.

    Important Notes:

    • IMPORTANT: Before continuing with this procedure follow the steps on the previous page to download the update and transfer the update files to a USB storage device.
    • WARNING!! Do not power off the speaker or disconnect it from the AC power outlet during the update process.
    • WARNING!! Do not remove the USB storage device until the update process is complete.
    • The update process usually takes about 10 minutes to complete.

    Update Procedure:

    1. Ensure the AC adaptor (supplied) is connected to the DC IN 18 V jack of the speaker.
    2. Plug the AC power cord securely into an AC outlet.
    3. Set the NETWORK OFF/ON switch on rear of the speaker to ON.
    4. Press the On/Standby Button power/standby button to power off the speaker.
    5. With the speaker off, insert the USB storage device into the appropriate USB slot on the rear of the speaker.
      • SRS-X77: DC-OUT ONLY (USB)
      • SRS-X88 & SRS-X99: USB-A
    6. Press the On/Standby Button power/standby button to power on the speaker.
    7. After a short time, the UPDATE button starts flashing. Then the software update starts automatically.
      Note: The speaker is not operational while the system is updating.
    8. The blinking interval and status of the UPDATE button changes according to the update progress.
    9. The UPDATE button automatically turns off and the speaker switches to standby or BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode after the update is complete.
    10. Follow the steps on the previous page to check the current software version and confirm that the update successfully installed.