Benefits Provided by Previous Updates

    The section below provides a list of benefits provided by previous updates and included in the latest System Software Update.

    • Improved performance and stability of the internet features
    • Adds the ability to use the Skype® online calling service
    • Adds the What's New feature
    • Media Remote (Software keyboard, Full / Simple Remote and Shake Track ID)
    • VAIO® Remote Keyboard
    • Media Remote (text by voice)
    • Audio Theatre Control Widget
    • WMV/WMA Codec for DLNA / USB
    • Adds the capability for 3D via USB (3D models only and requires 3D active glasses)
      Note: Allows you to view your Bloggie® 3D camera content when connected through the USB port on your TV
    • Improves performance and stability of IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) features
      Note: IPTV allows you to enjoy HD (High Definition) programming from the internet on your television that is connected to a broadband internet connection