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Sony® Devices Compatible with the Rolly™ Sound Entertainment Player (Bluetooth Capability of Rolly Player)*1

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General Notes

  • The compatibility of the Bluetooth® devices and Rolly™ sound entertainment player as presented in this document are validated under certain conditions, including the device specifications at the time of testing.
  • Please refer to the operating instructions for the device which you are connecting to the Rolly player for Bluetooth operation and settings.
  • The Bluetooth device may only support one Bluetooth connection at a time, refer to the operating instructions supplied with your device for Bluetooth specifications.
  • If you cannot enable the Bluetooth feature of the Rolly device follow these steps:
    • Turn the Rolly unit off and then back on.
    • Turn off and back on the Bluetooth device to which you are connecting
    • Initiate the Bluetooth connection.
    • If the Bluetooth connection is still not working properly, remove and reinstall the battery of the Rolly unit.
  • There may be a slight delay in the music playback from the device to the Rolly unit.
  • These results are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice.

    O = Available
    — = Unavailable
Device Bluetooth Capability
Play music
Walkman™ MP3 Video Player
NWZ-A826 O
NWZ-A828 O
NWZ-A829 O
Stereo Transmitter
Portable Stereo Transmitter
Bluetooth Wireless Audio Adapter
Bluetooth Audio Transmitter
WLA-NWB1*2*3 O

*1 Interoperability and compatibility among Bluetooth® devices varies
*2 WLA-NWB1 is exclusively for use with Walkman devices. Depending on the specifications of your Walkman device, the remote control function may not be available.
*3 To locate the beginning of a previous track when using the Rolly player with a NW-A800 series Walkman player, roll the Rolly player a short distance (1-2 inches) forward as soon as you hear the current song begin.