Article ID : S1Q0041 / Last Modified : 06/20/2008

Sony® Handycam® Camcorder AVCHD™ DVD Compatibility with Blu-ray Disc™ Devices

    A standard DVD player will not play AVCHD discs. The disc playback compatibility on this page is only for the listed compatible Blu-ray Disc players.

    The compatibility chart is based on the following disc conditions:

    • A new Sony disc was used
    • The recorded content of the disc is not edited
    • The disc was finalized before attempting to play the disc in the Blu-ray Disc device

    Playback may not be possible depending on the condition of the device or disc, such as a scratch or a dirty disc. Playback compatibility is not guaranteed with all players.

        O = Supported
        — = Not Supported
    Manufacturer Model AVCHD 8cm DVD Media
    Sony BDP-S1 O O O O
    BDP-S300 O O O O
    BDP-S301 O O O O
    BDP-S500 O O O O
    BDP-S2000ES O O O O
    Panasonic DMP-BD10 O O O O
    DMP-BD10A O O O O
    DMP-BD30K O O O O
    Samsung BD-P1000
    BD-P1200 *1 *1 *1 *1
    BD-P1400 O O O O
    Philips BDP900/37
    LG BH100

    *1 If the disc does not eject, reset the Blu-ray Disc player by disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord.