Article ID : S1Q0094 / Last Modified : 09/23/2005

Poor Audio Quality or Cord Problems

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Dear Valued Sony Customer:

It has come to our attention that some customers using the MDR-NC50 noise canceling headphones might experience poor audio quality including mono sound (sound from one side) or a howling noise. The headphone cord may easily fall out of the headphone jack.

Cause: The headphone plug has not been inserted all the way into the headphone jack.

Solution: There is a line on the plug which should almost disappear when the plug is inserted all the way into the jack. A loud click should be heard when inserted correctly.

Please refer to the pictures below.

MDR-NC50 Plug

The plug must be inserted up to this line.

The cord should be firmly inserted up to the marked line resulting in a loud and clear click.

MDR-NC50 Plug Incorrect MDR-NC50 Plug Correct


The plug is not completely inserted in the jack. The line does not meet the headphone jack.


The line is right up to the headphone jack.