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We're moving ActionCam to the next level

    Are you ready to get updated?

    HDR-AS10 - Version 2.00:

    New Features:

    • "PS" recording mode (1920x1080/60p) for shooting smooth images in fast moving scenes using high frame rate shooting.
    • "WATER" mode scene for a suitable WB (white balance) setting during underwater shooting.
    • "BEEP" menu option that let's you configure the beep sound settings.

    How to use the Version 2.00 features...

    HDR-AS15 - Version 3.00:

    Version 3.00 includes all features of version 2.00, and also includes....

    New Features:

    • You can use a smartphone for switching to copy mode/remote control mode using the smart remote control function

    Updated Menu Items:

    • The [SEND] (Send) menu item has been removed. You can connect the camera through Wi-Fi® only in shooting mode
    • The [A.OFF] (Auto Power Off) default setting is changed from [10sec] to [60sec]
    • The [RMOTE] (Remote) default setting is changed from [OFF] to [ON]

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    For HDR-10
    For HDR-15
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