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CFD-S70 CD Playback Error

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Some CFD-S70 boomboxes may not be able to correctly play audio CDs. This may happen due to an issue with the optical pick-up. Not all CFD-S70 boomboxes are affected.

To address this issue we will extend the warranty for Affected Units, for this issue, until November 30, 2020. For all other issues the terms of the Limited Warranty that came with the boombox remain in effect.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Affected Units

Model: CFD-S70

Color: Black

Serial Numbers:

  • 1000001 to 1833960

If you have a different model boombox, or if your CFD-S70 serial number is not in this range, your boombox is not affected by this issue.

Model and Serial Number Locations

The model number is on the bottom of the boombox.
Model Number

The serial number is on a label inside the battery compartment.
Serial Number


  • Audio CD won't play
  • The message No CD is displayed, even though an Audio CD has been inserted
  • Sound skips often while playing an Audio CD


If your CFD-S70 boombox is within the serial number range, and is experiencing these symptoms, please contact Product Support for troubleshooting and assistance.