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My Remote Control Doesn't Work

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Possible Causes

The remote control may not work or operate correctly for the following reasons:

  • The remote has lost Bluetooth® connection (only for remotes that have the built-in IR Blaster function).
  • The remote doesn't support the model or component type.
  • The remote doesn't support the manufacturer.
  • Specific features, such as menu systems or timer functions, may not be accessible with the remote.
  • Units that were not originally supplied with a remote control may not be remote compatible.
  • Components over seven years old may not be compatible with current remote controls.
  • New components may not be compatible with older remote controls.
  • Remote controls may not support mechanical functions, such as a power button.
  • Some receivers have a command mode setting. Set it to Command Mode 1 so that a universal remote control can control it.
  • Some audio components only work with the original remote control.
    • Universal remote controls won't work with components that use a two-way remote communication system, SAVA speaker systems, or specific AV receiver models.
  • Something is blocking the IR sensor on the device.

Troubleshoot the Remote Control

Select your product type for the appropriate troubleshooting steps for your remote: