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I cannot get 3D to work properly with all of my connected products.

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The supported 3D formats and the two optional 3D formats for the Sony® Audio/Video (A/V) receivers are as follows:

Mandatory 3D formats:

  • 1080p/24 Frame packing
  • 720p/60 Frame packing
  • 1080i/60 Side-by-Side (Half)
  • 1080p/24 Over-Under (Top and Bottom)
  • 720p/60 Over-Under (Top and Bottom)

Optional 3D formats:

  • 1080i/60 Frame packing 1080p/60 Side-by-Side (Half)

If you are experiencing difficulty displaying the 3D technology, one of your source devices (such as a satellite dish or cable box) is not outputting one of these five mandatory 3D formats.

NOTE: Contact your cable or satellite cable provider for additional assistance in connecting or setting up the set top box to watch 3D.