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Steps to Play Music from a Google Home-Enabled App to the Home Speakers or Other Audio Devices

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    Before You Start

    Before you setup the Google Home™ feature, complete the initial setup through the SongPal™ app .

    What is Google Home Feature?

    The Google Home feature allows you to play back music from a cast-enabled app to your home speakers or audio devices.

    Steps to Set Up SongPal App and Google Home Feature

    1. Download the SongPal app on your Android® or iOS® mobile device.

      Note: Look for the SongPal app icon on your model device after the download is complete.

    2. Tap the SongPal icon SongPal Icon to start the app.
    3. Connect your home speaker and your mobile device to the same wireless network.
    4. Perform the initial setup on the audio device.

      Note: Follow the instructions on the SongPal app to configure the initial settings on the audio device.

    5. Launch the Google Home-enabled app on the mobile device.

      Note: To cast, simply tap the cast button Cast button in your favorite audio app on the mobile device.

    6. Select your home speaker model on the mobile device to playback content.


      • Audio should be played on your home speaker. If it isn't, check the wireless connection of both the speaker and mobile device. Make sure they're connected to the same wireless network.
      • For iOS mobile devices, you can check the Google Home app page on the App Store® online store for compatible apps.

    Change the Name of a Bluetooth® Device

    You can change the name of your Bluetooth device on the Google Play™ store.

    You can change the name of your Bluetooth device on your Apple® Macintosh® computer.