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What types of HDMI ports are used on Sony products?


    Sony products may have one of the following type of HDMI ports:

    • Type A Standard: This HDMI port is a 19-pin plug commonly used to connect various home video and audio products such as TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray Disc® Players, home theater systems and other home entertainment products.
    • Type C Mini and Type D Micro: These HDMI ports are smaller than Type A and are designed for use on many portable devices like digital music players, digital cameras and camcorders and other handheld products. A micro-to-standard or mini-to-standard HDMI cable can be used to connect such devices to a TV or other home video and audio products.

    Depending on the product, one HDMI port may be preferred over the other. For instance, due to the small size and limited space on many portable products, a mini or micro HDMI port might be used instead of a standard-size HDMI port.