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When using an external microphone connected to the Multi Interface Shoe, an error message appears and I can't adjust the audio settings in the camera menu

    IMPORTANT: Features are not available on all models. Check your camera or audio accessory operation manuals to verify the features and capabilities of your products.

    External microphone kits will often have a separate, onboard audio settings panel and possibly a switch to select digital or analog connectivity.

    The following symptoms may occur when working with external microphone accessories that are connected to the camera's Multi Interface Shoe:

    • The audio settings menu on the camera may be grayed out and inaccessible.
    • The camera may display the message "This function is currently disabled".

    To access the audio settings, try the following:

    • Microphones such as the XLR-K2M, XLR-K3M, and ECM-B1M have onboard audio adjustment settings.
    • Some microphones have a Digital/Analog switch. Changing this to Digital allows the microphone and the camera to communicate through the Multi-Interface Shoe.

    For additional information and Sony microphone compatibility, refer to the Microphone Accessories Compatibility Information website.

    Note: Camera operation with third-party audio accessories is not guaranteed.