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Is it possible to copy a DVD?

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It is possible to copy the contents of a DVD that is not copy-protected; these types of DVDs include those recorded using a DVD camcorder or DVD recorder for home movies. Since these types of DVDs are not copy-protected, the contents can be copied to other recordable DVDs or VHS tapes.

However, retail DVD movies are generally copyrighted and include copy-protected technology that will either prevent the contents from recording properly - if at all. Sony does not support or endorse the copying of copyrighted material.

IMPORTANT: DVD recorders incorporate Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies. This technology may cause the device to display errors and prevent recording in the following situations:

  • If trying to copy a copyright-protected DVD
  • If attempting to copy a disc that is a copy of another DVD
  • If the DVD to be copied is recorded in a video format other than NTSC