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How to remove, attach, or clean the Noise Isolation Earbud Tips

    Using the Noise Isolation Earbud Tips incorrectly can cause quick deterioration or damage the tips. To avoid this, make sure to follow these instructions when you remove, attach, or clean them.

    IMPORTANT: If the earbuds are cracked, peeled, or deteriorated, refrain from using them until you can replace them with new ones. Furthermore, wearing cracked, peeled, or deteriorated earbuds may result in earbud fragments remaining in your ear, which could cause disconfort or injury. If the earbuds are not in good condition they may not provide full sound quality or noise canceling performance.

    Remove the earbud tips

    Hold the earbuds (headphones), and then gently pull the tips while twisting and rotating them.

    Note: Do not pull on the polyurethane foam portion of the tip. Doing so may cause damage to the tip and it will not function properly.

    These videos show how to correctly and incorrectly remove the tips from the WF-1000M4 earbuds:

    • The correct method to remove the earbud tips
    • The incorrect method to remove the earbud tips

    Attach the earbud tips

    Firmly insert the tip all the way. If the tips are not attached completely, they may come off the earbuds and adversely affect the sound quality, noise canceling performance, and wearability.

    • Make sure the tips are not slanted or tilted in any way.
    • Make sure the tips are inserted firmly all the way.

    This video shows you how to correctly attach the tips to the WF-1000M4 earbuds:

    Note: For EP-NI1010, lightly turn over the earbud tips to make sure that the sound output hole is completely covered by the earbud tip.
    For EP-NI1000, examine the center of the earbud tip to make sure that the stem color inside the earbuds cannot be seen. If needed, use a flashlight. The color inside the earbuds is red, orange, green, and light blue depending on the size.

    • The earbud tip is attached correctly when you can't see the stem color. If needed, use a flashlight to look for the stem color.
    • The earbud tip is attached incorrectly when you can see the stem color.

    Clean the earbud tips

    We recommend using the earbuds and charging case consistent with instructions in the accompanying product manual. Please refer to the product manuals regarding care and maintenance of your product.

    • Wipe the tips with a soft dry cloth to remove dirt.
    • Do not wash the tips in water or with a wet wipe. Doing so can speed up deterioration.
    • Do not use sharp objects such as metal objects,finger nails, adhesive tape, or foreign objects as the may damage the tips.

    Replacing damaged earbud tips

    The EP-NI1000S, EP-NI1000M, or EP-NI1000L can be purchased separately if the material is deformed or deteriorated in any way.  Go to Parts and Accessories