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How to reset or initialize the WF-1000XM4 earbud headphones

    Reset the earbuds

    Perform the reset on one earbud at a time. The device registration (pairing) information and other settings are retained during a reset.

    1. Place an earbud into the charging case and then close the lid.
    2. Use the supplied USB Type-C™ cable and a commercially available USB AC adapter to connect the charging case to a power outlet.
    3. Open and close the lid of the charging case more than 5 times within 20 seconds until the red indicator light starts to flash.
    4. Wait for the green indicator light flashes four times. Initialization is complete.
    5. Remove the earbud from the charging case. Place the other earbud into the charging case, and then start the operation again from Step 1.

    Initialize the earbuds to restore factory settings

    IMPORTANT: This operation resets all the device settings to the factory defaults and deletes all pairing information.

    You can perform the initialization manually or from the Sony | Headphones Connect app. Follow the steps according to your preferred method.

    • After initializing the earbuds, you should also delete the pairing information from any connected devices and then pair them again.
    • The earbuds will not start initializing if the remaining battery charge of the charging case is low. Make sure that the charging case is charged before you begin.

    Inititalize the earbuds manually

    1. Place the earbuds into the charging case.
    2. Hold your fingers on the touch sensors on both earbuds until the red indicator flashes (about 10 seconds), and then release your fingers.

      Note: Release your fingers within five seconds after the red indicator flashes, otherwise the earbuds won't be intialized.
    3. The intialization is complete when the green indicator flashes four times.

      Note: If the intialization doesn't complete, try again from Step 2.

    Inititalize the earbuds using the Sony | Headphones Connect app

    1. Open the Sony | Headphones connect app, and then remove the earbuds from the case.
    2. Tap the System tab, and then scroll down and tap Initialize Settings.
    3. Tap Initialize Headphones to Default State, and then tap Initialize.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete initialization.