Article ID : 00030482 / Last Modified : 08/07/2019

Is the SonicStage® software compatible with the Windows Vista® operating system?

    Only the SonicStage v4.3 software (or later) is compatible for use with the Windows Vista operating system. Follow this procedure to ensure proper installation of the SonicStage v4.3 software.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. Before upgrading to the Windows Vista operating system, we recommend backing up your music library using the SonicStage Backup Tool. Failure to complete this step may result in data loss.


    • SonicStage v4.3 is not compatible with the 64-bit version of the Windows Vista operating system.
    • An Internet connection will be required after you have upgraded your operating system.
    1. Back up your current version of the SonicStage software using the SonicStage Backup Tool.
    2. After your backup has completed, install the Windows Vista operating system according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    3. After the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system installation has completed, download and install the latest version of the SonicStage software. The latest version can be downloaded from the Digital Music Player Support Web site.

      IMPORTANT: Only the latest version is compatible with the Windows Vista operating system.

    4. After the installation of the SonicStage software is completed, restore the backup data using the SonicStageBackup Tool .
    5. When you start the SonicStage software, the User Account Control window will appear. Click Continue.