Article ID : 00032118 / Last Modified : 02/17/2014

How to view pictures when unable to finalize the disc in the CD Mavica digital camera.

    Disk finalization in the camera requires 13.5 MB of disk space. If this space has not been taken into consideration, transfer the images to a computer and view them from there.

    If your computer has a CDRW drive installed and a Universal Data Format (UDF) Volume Reader is installed, place the disc from the camera into this drive and copy the desired pictures.

    NOTE: UDF Volume Reader software is available for download from Roxio if it is needed.

    If your computer is running Microsoft® Windows® XP and does not have a CDRW drive installed,  the pictures can be transfered to the computer using the USB cable connection.


    • USB image transfer to a computer running the Apple® Mac® OS is not possible. These computers would need to have a CDRW drive installed to view the images from a disc that is not finalized.
    • The CD cannot be read on a standard CDROM unless it has been finalized.