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Bluetooth Wireless Technology Profiles and Descriptions

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What Is a Bluetooth® Profile?

It's a standard that defines the specifications of the devices to be connected, and the communication protocols used between them. Communication using Bluetooth wireless technology requires the devices connected have the same profile.

IMPORTANT: Not all Bluetooth devices are compatible with all profiles. Check the specifications of both devices you want to connect through Bluetooth to make sure that they both support the required Bluetooth profile.

List of Bluetooth Profiles

Profile Name Features Applications
A/V Remote Control Profile
Remote control of A/V equipment A/V equipment, in-vehicle equipment, personal computers, mobile phones, and headphones
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Streaming music Headphones, A/V equipment, in-vehicle equipment, personal computers, and mobile phones
Basic Imaging Profile
Transmission of basic image data Printers, digital cameras, personal computers, and mobile phones
Basic Printing Profile
Connection between a device (without a printing function) and a printer Mobile phones, PDAs, and printers
Dial-up Networking Profile
Dial-up internet connection via a mobile phone Mobile phones, personal computers, and PDAs
File Transfer Profile
Data transfer between personal computers Personal computers and mobile phones
Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile
Connection between a device having a printing function and a printer Printers, Bluetooth adapters for printers, and personal computers
Hands-Free Profile
Hands-Free communication Mobile phones, headsets, and in-vehicle equipment
Human Interface Device Profile
Wireless connection of an input device such as a keyboard or mouse Keyboards, mice, personal computers, and mobile phones
Headset Profile
Communication with a headset or headphones Mobile phones, headsets, in-vehicle equipment, and personal computers
Object PushProfile
Data exchange Mobile phones, PDAs, personal computers, and in-vehicle equipment
Personal Area Network Profile
Implementation of a small network Personal computers, access points, and mobile phones
Phone Book Access Profile
Mobile phone address book reference Mobile phones and in-vehicle equipment
SIM AccessProfile
Access to SIM card information Mobile phones and in-vehicle equipment
Serial Port Profile
Using a Bluetooth device as a virtual serial port Mobile phones and personal computers

For all other Bluetooth profiles, and their abbreviations, check the following:

Attribute Profile ATT
Common ISDN Access Profile CIP
Cordless Telephony Profile CTP
Device ID Profile DIP
Fax Profile FAX
Generic A/V Distribution Profile GAVDP
Generic Access Profile GAP
Generic Attribute Profile GATT
Generic Object Exchange Profile GOEP
Health Device Profile HDP
Intercom Profile ICP
LAN Access Profile LAP
Message Access Profile MAP
OBject EXchange OBEX
Proximity Profile PXP
Service Discovery Application Profile SDAP
SIM Access Profile SAP, SIM, rSAP
Synchronization Profile SYNCH
Synchronisation Mark-up Language Profile SyncML
Video Distribution Profile VDP
Wireless Application Protocol Bearer WAPB