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How to pair a mobile or cellular phone with a Bluetooth® car stereo system.

    1. Switch the Bluetooth signal for the car stereo to on by doing these steps:

      1. Press and hold the BT button.
      2. Continue to press the BT button approximately 3 seconds until the Bluetooth symbol [FIG. 1] lights up.
      3. Once the Bluetooth symbol lights, release the BT button and the Bluetooth signal is now switched on.
    2. Check to make sure the Bluetooth signal on the cellular phone is turned on.
    3. Connect to the car stereo using the cellular phone.

      NOTE: Refer to the operating instructions of the phone for the procedure to set the phone to pairing mode.

    4. Once the cellular phone [FIG. 2] icon appears in the display, the Bluetooth connection has been made.

    If there are issues with pairing the car stereo and the mobile phone or if a setting has been changed that is affecting the functions of either unit, follow the steps for resetting the car stereo . You may also need to check with the manufacturer of your cellular phone for steps on how to reset the phone.