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Can pictures and videos from the camera be imported to the Apple iPad mobile digital device?

    There are two ways to import pictures and videos from the camera to the Apple® iPad™ mobile digital device.

    • Using an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

      NOTE: The Apple iPad Camera Connection kit is supplied with two connectors, each with a different interface.

      • Camera connector with a USB port: Plug the connector to the iPad device and use the supplied USB cable of the camera to connect it.
      • SD memory card reader: Plug the connector to the iPad device, take the SD card from the camera and insert it into the SD card reader.

      The iPad device will open the Photos application and let you choose the pictures to import.


      • The USB mode of the camera needs to be set in Mass Storage, MTP or Auto. The available option depends on the camera model. Refer to the manual for additional information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
      • The iPad and the Camera Connection Kit supports standard image formats including JPEG and RAW. For videos, MP4 is supported but AVCHD and MPEG-2 are not.
    • Syncing the Apple iPad device to a computer and use the Apple iTunes® application.

      When syncing the iPad device to a computer using the iTunes software, using the iTunes software allows the importing of picture files on the iPad device. For importing video files, do the following:

      1. In the iTunes software, select the Advanced menu.
      2. Select Create iPad or Apple TV Version to create a compatible video format for the iPad device.

      NOTE: For support information about the use of the Photos application and iTunes software, refer to the Apple Macintosh® support website.