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Transfer photos and videos to a Windows computer using PlayMemories Home

    Follow these steps to transfer photos and videos from a Handycam® camcorder, Cyber-shot® camera, or α (Alpha) camera to a Windows computer using PlayMemories Home™ software:

    Before you start

    Steps to import or transfer photos and videos

    1. Download and install the PlayMemories Home software on your computer.
    2. Insert a fully charged battery into your device camera and then turn it on.
    3. Connect the camera to the computer using the supplied or built-in USB cable.
      • Replacement USB cables and other accessories can be ordered.  Go to Parts and Accessories
      • A USB cable made by another manufacturer may prevent authentication or importation of photos.
      • Connect the camera to the computer's USB port directly. Using a USB hub may cause an error.
      • Tap USB Select if it shows up on the camera display.
      • Some camcorder models, such as HDR-CX7, HDR-CX12, HDR-SR7, and HDR-SR8, don't have a built-in USB port. Connect the camera through the supplied Handycam Station.
      • The computer should automatically install the USB driver the first time it's connected.
    4. Perform device authentication.
      1. Click OK if To use (model name) with PlayMemories Home; the USB operation mode must be changed. Do you want to continue? is displayed.
      2. Check This is my camera and click on OK to close the dialog.
        • If you own several cameras and functions have already been added to PlayMemories Home, the Added Functions field of the dialog may be empty.
        • Check the connection to the computer if the device authentication fails.
        • If importing photos or movies by inserting the memory card directly into the computer, device authentication (activation) must still be performed the first time. Once device authentication is completed, you can import photos and videos by inserting the memory card directly into your computer.
        • If device authentication has already been performed, skip this procedure and continue the next step.
    5. When PlayMemories Home recognizes the camera, the dialog Thank you for purchasing (model name) is displayed.
      • If (model name) is connected. Do you want to display the features of this camera or media? is displayed, click on Yes to close the dialog.
    6. PlayMemories Home will start automatically.
    7. Under Cameras and media, the name of your camera will be displayed. Select your camera and click Import Media Files to display the photo and video importing menu interface.
    8. Import sources will be displayed in this area.
      Note: When your computer connects to multiple cameras or memory cards, select import sources from the drop-down list.
    9. Choose Import new files or Select files to import.

      Note: When importing AVCHD/MPEG2 movies, device authentication must be performed for a Sony-manufactured camera compatible with the AVCHD/MPEG2 format. For details, refer to the AVCHD and MPEG-2 movies that cannot be imported using the PlayMemories Home article.

      • Import all photos and videos
        Check Import new files to import all newly recorded photos and videos, excluding already imported ones.
      • Import selected photos and videos
        Check Select files to import to display thumbnail images stored in the camera or memory card.
        Put a checkmark in the checkbox of the thumbnail images you want to import.
    10. Confirm import settings.
      • The import drive, the folder for imported videos and photos, and the Settings button are displayed in the photo and video importing window.
      • Select a destination drive from the drop-down list. Click Browse to select a destination folder.
    11. Click the Import button to start importing videos and photos.
    12. Once the import is completed, the imported photos and videos will be displayed in the PlayMemories Home window.