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How to photograph fireworks with the Cyber-shot camera.

    Using the Fireworks scene selection mode allows you to automatically shoot at settings best for photographing fireworks. With the Cyber-shot® cameras that allow manual shooting, changing shutter speed and other settings allows you to shoot more dynamic photographs.

    Fireworks are photographed with slow shutter speed, so camera shake can easily occur. To prevent blurring, the use of a tripod is recommended.

    When photographing in Fireworks mode, follow the steps below.

    1. Set SCN (Scene Selection) to Fireworks.
    2. Zoom out to the W side.
    3. Press the Shutter button when the fireworks burst.

      NOTE: View the photograph taken and confirm the timing of the shot and the brightness.

    If the captured images are too dark or too bright, change the brightness or Exposure Compensation. Adjusting Exposure Compensation in the + direction makes the photograph brighter, and adjusting in the - direction makes it darker.

    However, if the camera does not have the Fireworks mode, capture images by adjusting the settings manually. Below are the recommended settings for taking fireworks pictures in manual photography.

    Flash Off
    ISO ISO 100 - ISO 200
    White Balance Auto
    Focus With manual focus set to infinity
    Shutter Speed Around 2 to 5 seconds
    Aperture Value F8 - F11

    NOTE: After taking a few shots, check the photographs taken, and then adjust to the desired settings for ISO sensitivity, Aperture, etc.