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General SD Memory Card information for Digital Imaging products

    As digital cameras and camcorders become more advanced and capable of recording still and video content at higher resolutions, SD™ card formats have grown in capacity, speed ratings, and data transfer capabilities. Understanding the combination of the proper type and speed needed for your device will help you decide the best SD card to purchase for your imaging needs.

    Choosing the proper memory card

    Always refer to the help guide or product manuals of your device first to review the requirements needed to select the correct type of SD card. To help understand the performance details, refer to the SD Association website  for detailed explanations of SD card types, capacities, speed class information, and bus speed information. You can then match the performance specifications to your usage needs and purchase the proper SD card.


    • Some devices use microSD™, microSDHC™, and microSDXC™ cards only. The size and form factor are different than an SD card.
    • If you use a microSD card, be sure to have the matching SD card adapter. If the SD card adapter transfer performance specifications do not match, the data transfer may not work or perform at the rated speed.
    • SD card specifications for still images and video content may differ for your device, so purchase a card (or cards) that will cover the imaging needs for both file types.

    Will my current SD cards work?

    If you are not sure about the specifications of the SD cards you own, refer to the help guide or operation manual for your device, then compare the performance specifications to the capacity, speed ratings, and data transfer information on the SD Association website.