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Error: Cannot Copy. The Parameter is Incorrect. occurs when attempting to transfer pictures to a computer.

    A couple of possible workarounds may help transfer the images.

    • Try transferring each picture to the computer one at a time.
    • Try resizing each of the images (if the camera has this capability) and then attempt to transfer them to the computer.

    After the images have been transferred, format the memory card media in the camera to try preventing this from happening in the future.

    There is a possibility this issue may have occurred because of corrupt data on the memory card media. You can use the free Memory Card File Rescue application to try recovering any lost pictures.

    Additional tips:

    If the issue is only occurring with a specific memory card and the instructions above do not resolve the issue, then the memory card media may need to be sent to a professional data recovery service company, such as Sony Media Services  or DriveSavers Data Recovery.

    NOTE: Sony is not responsible for any data loss or any cost incurred from the recovery of data.