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The Cyber-shot Display Shows for InfoLITHIUM Battery Only or Use InfoLithium Battery Only

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The error message For InfoLITHIUM Battery Only or Use InfoLithium Battery Only will occur on your 2011 or older Cyber-shot® camera if you use an NP-BN battery supplied with a 2012 Cyber-Shot camera.

The optional battery NP-BN1 is compatible with Cyber-shot cameras released in 2011 and 2012. Check the compatibility chart for additional information.


2012 Cyber-shot Camera

2011 or Older Cyber-shot Camera

2012 NP-BN Battery (Supplied)



2011 NP-BN Battery (Supplied)



Optional NP-BN1 Battery




Cameras released in 2011 and earlier have an InfoLithium key in both the camera and supplied NP-BN battery which causes the error message to appear. This feature was removed in cameras released in 2012.