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How to import movies with the Apple iMovie software.

    For digital cameras:

    For digital camcorders:

    To import movies using the Apple® iMovie® software, follow the steps below.


    • To import standard-definition video, the Apple iMovie '07 software or newer is required.
    • To import high-definition video like AVCHD, the Apple iMovie '08 software or newer is required.
    • You cannot import AVCHD 60p (1080 or 720) into the Apple iMovie software. Additional information on how to transfer AVCHD videos to an Apple Macintosh® computer  is available.
    • For AVCHD videos, an Apple Macintosh computer with an Intel® Core Duo processor or better is required.
    • If model-specific information is required to complete any of the steps in this solution, check the specifications or supplied operations guide.
    1. Connect the camera directly to the USB port on the computer.

      NOTE: If the Apple iPhoto® application program automatically starts, close it.

    2. Open the Apple iMovie software from the dock or on the Finder Bar, Choose Go, and Applications. The Apple iMovie software will be listed as an icon in the Applications window.


    3. In the Apple iMovie software window, click File and then Import from Camera.
    4. Use one of the methods below to import videos.
      • To import all the videos:

        Automatic/Import All

        1. At the lower-left corner, click Automatic.
        2. At the lower-right corner, click the Import All button.
      • To import some videos:

        Manual/Import Checked

        1. At the lower-left corner, click Manual.
        2. Under the image icons displayed, click to check the boxes of the videos you want to import.
        3. At the lower-right corner, click Import Checked.
    5. Select the location to save the videos.
    6. In the Create New Event section, type a name for the videos.
    7. Click the OK button.

      NOTE: The videos now start being copied to the computer. An Import complete dialog box will display when the import is finished.

    8. In the Import complete dialog box, click the OK button.

      Import Complete/OK


    • For information about editing a video, refer to the iMovie Help option.
    • If the Apple iMovie software cannot import videos, check the Apple Web site for any current Apple iMovie software updates.