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Can the PlayMemories Home software combine multiple video clips?

    Only videos recorded in the AVCHD, MPEG-2 or MP4 formats can be combined using the Edit function.


    • AVCHD videos recorded in different frame rates cannot be combined.
    • NTSC- and PAL-formatted videos cannot be combined.
    • The following are restrictions when combining MP4 videos.
      • Videos cannot be combined if their combined size exceeds 4GB.
      • Videos with different recording modes, recording codec, frame rate or bit rate cannot be combined. In some cases, videos with the same recording modes cannot be combined.
      • When you have combined videos that are not consecutive, the video may not be able to be played back depending on the device used.
    • Due to recording profile differences, videos will not playback on the cameras listed below after being combined.
      • HDR-SR1
      • HDR-SR7
      • HDR-SR8
      • HDR-UX1
      • HDR-UX5
      • HDR-UX7
      • HDR-CX7

    For more information about combining videos, visit the PlayMemories Home™ software website.