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How can I shoot in RAW using the Smart Remote Control app?

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Selecting RAW format for images must be done after starting the Smart Remote Control app on the camera and connecting your Android™ or iPhone® device.

    Before you start

    • Download the latest version of the Smart Remote Control app from the PlayMemories Camera Apps website.
    • This setting will save the images taken as both RAW and JPEG format on the memory card. RAW images can't be saved or sent to your smartphone.
    • The Menu steps and images below are for Smart Remote Control Ver. 3.00. They will differ depending on the version of the Smart Remote Control app.

    Change the Quality setting to RAW & JPEG

    1. Make sure that a memory card is inserted in the camera.
    2. Start the Smart Remote Control app on the camera.
    3. Start the Imaging Edge Mobile app (PlayMemories Mobile™ app successor) on your mobile device.
    4. Connect your mobile device to the camera using a Wi-Fi® connection.
      • Check this Setup Guide in the Imaging Edge support page for more details.
    5. If the camera image is already displayed on the mobile device, press the Menu button on the camera.
      • Make sure that the mode dial isn't set on movie mode.
    6. Use the direction buttons to move to Menu 2.
    7. Select Quality.

      Smart Remote Menu - Quality

    8. Select RAW & JPEG.

      Smart Remote Menu - RAW & JPEG

    9. Press the Menu button to exit the settings.


    • The Smart Remote Control app has its own Quality setting and must be set after the app is started. After it is set, the Smart Remote Control app will remember its quality setting until it's changed.
    • You can't shoot in RAW & JPEG using the NEX-5T model camera with the built-in Smart Remote Embedded app.