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Error: RCVER, MEDIA or a line of dashes (----), PRO or WAIT are displayed on the LCD screen of the camera.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    This article is designed to provide a fix on the following errors.

    • RCVER
    • MEDIA
    • a line of dashes (------) on the LCD screen
    • PRO or WAIT
    • 05-02 when using the Live-View Remote

    RCVER flashes if the management file of the memory card is restored.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. If the error is displayed, do not insert or remove a memory card. Wait until the error disappears.

    error RCVER

    MEDIA, lines of dashes (------), or Memory card error (memory card error) appears

    MEDIA flashes if the memory card is not inserted correctly.

    MEDIA error

    (------) is displayed at the center of the screen

    These lines of dashes appear at the center of the camera's screen if the memory card is inserted diagonally or the memory card is not recognized due to dirt or if the memory card is not inserted correctly.

    dashes error

    To fix the issue, check the following.

    • Eject the memory card and wipe the dirt off using a dry cloth or cotton swab.


      • Do not touch the terminals or the metal objects. If the microSD™ memory card is not recognized, check if it is inserted in a wrong direction or in an inclined angle.
      • If the memory card is inserted in an inclined angle, the card may be stuck and cannot be ejected
    • When the LCD panel of the camera is facing downward, open the battery cover. This does not apply to FDR-X1000V.

      inserting memory card

      [A] If a microSD memory card is used, insert the microSD memory card with the printed side facing up until it clicks.

      [B] If a Memory Stick Micro (M2) media is used, insert the Memory Stick Micro media with the terminal side facing up until it clicks.

      NOTE: Insert the card straight and press its center. Memory card failure can also be a possible cause. Try using another memory card. Inspect the camera if the same symptoms occur with more than one memory card.

    WAIT flashes while PRO is displayed on the screen.

    WAIT error

    • When XAVC S recording is set when using the HDR-AS100V, PRO will display on the LCD screen. Recording using a memory card is made at this setting.
    • If you insert a memory SDHC card that does not support XAVC S recording, WAIT flashes on the LCD screen. To fix this, check the settings of the camera and the type of card inserted.
    • When recording in XAVC S, use a memory card which is Class 10 or higher.


    • If the default settings for PRO is OFF, the word MEDIA will start flashing. PRO settings cannot be turned ON if a memory card that does not support XAVC S recording is inserted.
    • Memory card failure is also possible. Try to use a different memory card.

    If the error message appears even when using different memory cards, the camera may require service.  Go to Product Repair.