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How to troubleshoot the CD/DVD drive in a desktop computer.

    IMPORTANT: Ensure the drive is properly connected and is powered on before proceeding.

    • Sony® DVD drives will not read DVDRAM disks.
    • Some Sony bundled DVD-RW drives support only DVD-R(G) and DVD-RW media.
    • An incompatible CD or DVD authoring software may have been installed. Upgrade or remove the incompatible software.
    • The Windows® XP operating system does not provide native support for CDR or CDRW disks formatted for packet writing. Packet writing software must be installed in order access these discs. More information is available from the Microsoft® Web site at referencing article 321640.
    • If Adaptec® or Roxio™ Easy CD Creator® 4.02c software has been installed refer to Microsoft® Web site at referencing article 314060.
    1. Remove and reinsert the disc.
    2. Restart the computer and attempt to access the drive again.
    3. It is possible that the drive lens has accumulated some dust and needs to be cleaned.
    4. Remove any third party hardware.
    5. Reset the computers BIOS to the defaults values.
    6. If this is an external drive, ensure the drive is connected properly and has not been shut down or disconnected since the system was started.
    7. Ensure to wait a few seconds for the CD/DVD to be detected before attempting to access the disc.
    8. Ensure the disc is inserted correctly, the label should be facing up for CD and single sided DVD discs.


      • If the drive works for other audio and data CDs, the disc may be damaged in some way and is unreadable.
      • If attempting to access data on a recordable disk, ensure the problem is not caused by the media .
      • If the disc requires additional software, ensure the software is installed according to the manufacturer's instructions.
      • If a third party CD authoring software program has been installed, uninstall the software program.
    9. Remove and reinstall the CD/DVD drive driver
    10. Perform a System Restore  to a point when the drive was working correctly.
    11. If issue is with the only optical drive in the system, or with the uppermost drive in computers with two drives, try to boot to the recovery media.

      NOTE: If the computer successfully boots to the recovery media, the drive itself is working.

    12. Ensure that the IDE cable is connected securely to the CD/DVD drive.
    13. If the system will not boot to the recovery media, swap IDE cables between the CD/DVD and the hard drive if possible. If the system boots to the recovery media, the IDE cable is faulty. If the system still will not boot to the recovery media, the CD/DVD drive may need service.

    If the issue is still unresolved, service may be required.  Go to Product Repair.