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How to set up and use the Yahoo! Messenger service with the built-in camera on my VAIO computer.

    Follow these steps to set up and use the built-in camera with the Yahoo!® Messenger service.

    1. Download and install the Yahoo! Messenger software from the Yahoo! website at
    2. Once the Yahoo! Messenger software installation procedure is complete, restart the computer .
    3. Point to (but do not click) the lower-right or top-right corner of the screen, and then click to select the Search charm. Image

      NOTE: The Windows Logo + Q key combination will also take you to the Search screen.

    4. In the Search screen, click the Apps category, and then click the Yahoo! Messenger icon.
    5. Sign into the Yahoo! Messenger service.


    6. In the Yahoo! Messenger window, click Help, and then click Set up Video and Voice.
    7. In the Step 1 of 3: Microphone window, verify that the appropriate microphone device is chosen.


      • Talk to the microphone to test it. The indicator bar should increase and decrease as you do so.
      • If no Microphone device is chosen you will not be able to communicate using the Microphone feature.
    8. Click the Next button.
    9. In the Step 2 of 3: Speaker Setup window, verify that the appropriate Speaker device is chosen.


      • A test sound will be played. Click the slider bar to adjust the speaker volume to a comfortable level.
      • If no Speaker device is chosen then you will not be able to hear other users.
    10. Click the Next button.
    11. In the Step 3 of 3: Camera Detection window, verify that the Sony Visual Communication Camera device is chosen.
    12. Click the Finish button to complete the setup process.
    13. In the Yahoo! Messenger window, double-click on the user that you would like to chat with and then click Start Video Call.
    14. The user you have selected will receive a notification and prompted to Accept, Decline or IM Only.
    15. Once the selected user accepts the invitation, the Video Conference will be enabled. Image

    IMPORTANT: Contact Yahoo! for assistance with any other issues with the Yahoo! Messenger service.