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How to recover the computer to the original factory condition using the F10 key.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    The following steps allow you to recover the computer to its default factory settings using the recovery partition shipped with the computer instead of having to use the recovery discs.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. All data, settings, and programs added to the computer will be deleted. During this procedure you will have a chance to back up your data. Sony does not guarantee your personal data can be backed up or restored properly.


    • Before performing a recovery, download and install all software and driver updates. Downloads are posted on your model support page.
    • This procedure does not require the use of Recovery Discs since the Recovery data is included on a special partition of the hard drive. That said, it is highly recommended to create a set of Recovery Discs.
    • It is possible to create your own Recovery Media on most computers. Instructions can be found in your product manual.
      Sony Electronics is no longer permitted to sell system recovery media for VAIO PCs that shipped with operating systems released prior to Windows 7.
        If your computer shipped with the Windows 7 operating system (or later), a Recovery Media Kit can be purchased through Encompass Supply Chain Solutions at or 1-866-779-5153.
        If your computer shipped with any operating system released prior to the Windows 7 operating system, please contact Best Buy for VAIO PC repair and recovery options at 1-800-433-5778.

    • If the operating system will not start and no other troubleshooting can be performed, a system recovery can be performed by starting the computer and pressing the F10 key.
    • The computer must be connected to the AC adapter to ensure power is not interrupted.
    • Before beginning this procedure, disconnect all external devices such as printers, network cables, cameras, external hard drives or flash drives.


    • Because the hidden Recovery partition contains the data needed to perform a Recovery, you will only be able to perform these steps if the computer has a functioning Recovery partition on the hard drive. If the Recovery partition is corrupted or has been removed, you will need to perform a Recovery using a set of Recovery Discs.
    • It is recommended that you either print these instructions or use a different computer to view this solution. This will allow you to follow the steps as you perform the procedure to reset the default factory settings.
    1. Restart the computer and immediately begin tapping the F10 key until the Edit Boot Options screen is displayed.
    2. At the Edit Boot Options screen, press the Enter key.

      NOTE: The VAIO Care Rescue window will now be displayed. This indicates that you have accessed the hidden Recovery partition.

    3. In the VAIO Care Rescue window, click Start recovery wizard.
    4. In the Do you need to rescue your data? window, click Yes, I'd like to rescue my data.

      NOTE: If you do not have any data on your computer that you need to back up, click the Skip Rescue button and proceed to step 10.

    5. Connect an external storage device to the computer, such as a USB hard drive or flash drive.
    6. In the Select Rescue type window, click Easy rescue.


      • If you would like to manually select files to back up, click Custom Rescue and then follow the on-screen instructions.
      • The software will automatically detect your data.
    7. Click to select the drive where you would like to back up your data, and then click the Next button.

      NOTE: This screen displays the amount of disc space required and the amount of free space on the external drive.

    8. In the Confirm options and start rescue window, click the Start Rescue button.

      NOTE: A progress window will show the status of the backup.

    9. In the Rescue has completed successfully window, click the Next button.
    10. In the Are you sure you want to start recovery? window, click to select Yes, I'm sure and then click the Start Recovery button.

      IMPORTANT: A status window will be displayed indicating the recovery progress of the different applications. No action is required. This process may take up to 2 hours and the computer may restart several times.

    11. In the Recovery complete window, click the Restart button.

      NOTE: The computer will restart to complete the Recovery process.

    12. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the operating system and complete the system recovery.