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Cannot start the VAIO Recovery Center because the computer will not start to the operating system.

    If the operating system will not start and no other troubleshooting can be performed, a recovery of the (C:) drive can be performed by starting the computer and pressing the F10 key.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. All software applications, configurations and data added to the restored drive will be erased.


    • If possible, before performing a recovery, check for software and driver updates available online through the Drivers & Software link on this page or check for knowledge base solutions that may help you solve the computer issue.
    • This model does not require recovery discs, though they can be created using recovery data included on a special partition of the hard drive.
    • Do not interrupt the power during the recovery process.

    NOTE: A recovery also can be performed using recovery discs.

    1. Close all open programs and turn off the computer.
    2. Disconnect all network connections.
    3. Disconnect all peripheral devices.
    4. Turn on the computer.
    5. When the VAIO screen is displayed, press the F10 key.


      • If an Edit Boot Options screen appears, press the Enter key.
      • If a Windows Boot Manager screen appears, select VAIO Recovery Environment and then press the Enter key.


    6. In the VAIO Recovery Center window, under Choose a program, click to select the desired option:

      IMPORTANT: The Restore Complete System option cannot be performed from within the operating system. To perform this operation you will need to insert Recovery Disc #1 and click the Next button. This will restart the computer and allow you to use the use the VAIO Recovery Center from the Recovery Discs .


      • Computer problems related to hardware can be diagnosed using the VAIO Hardware Diagnostics option.
      • The entire (C:) drive can be restored to its original, factory-installed condition by selecting Restore C: Drive .
      • Choosing Restore Complete System will restore the entire (C:) drive, while removing or restoring the Recovery Drive partition. Modifying the size of the hard drive partitions is also an option with this type of recovery. This option requires you to insert Recovery DVDs created using the Create Recovery Discs option.
      • The Rescue Data option can detect and save data to an external hard drive or removable media prior to a system recovery.