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What is the Hub in the Microsoft Edge browser and how is it used?

    The Hub is the place where the Microsoft® Edge browser keeps the things you collect on the web. It contains your favorites, reading lists, browsing history and current downloads. Follow these steps on how to use and navigate the Hub in the Microsoft Edge browser.

    1. From the task bar, click the Microsoft Edge icon.
    2. In the Microsoft Edge window, click the Hub (Favorites, reading list, history, and downloads) icon.

      hub icon

      NOTE: This will open the Hub pane that can be pinned or unpinned by clicking on the Pin icon.

    3. Within the Hub pane, click on any of the icons along the top to see the following:
      • hub favorites- Favorites
      • hub reading list- Reading Lists
      • hub history- Browsing History
      • hub downloads- Downloads