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How to automatically synchronize media from views, playlists, photo albums, or podcasts to a device using Media Go software.


    • Not all Walkman® players use the same software. A list of devices supported is available at the Media Go™ website.
    • The Media Go™ software may also work with other devices not on this list. However, we cannot guarantee the operation if they are not on the list.

    You can set Media Go to automatically synchronize to your device any media added to specific Views, playlists, photo albums, and podcasts whenever your device is connected. When new media is added to a synchronized item in a category, the media is automatically transferred to your device as soon as it is connected to Media Go.

    NOTE: When you add a new view, playlist, photo album or podcast to your library, it is available for automatic synchronization with your device. You can change your synchronization choices for a device at any time.

    1. Select a device in the navigation pane.
    2. If your device has more than one storage location, chose the appropriate tab at the top of the device pane.
    3. Click Sync Media in the top right corner of the device pane.
    4. Select the items in each category you want to synchronize with the device or storage location.
    5. Click the Apply button.


    • To cancel the selection, click the Cancel button.
    • Each time your device is connected to Media Go, any new media added to a synchronized view, playlist, photo album, or podcast will automatically be transferred to your device.