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How to perform an automatic firmware update on the Walkman player.

    Automatic firmware update is one way to automatically reboot and easily update the Walkman® player using the Media Go™ application.

    Prior to performing the software update, make sure to check the following.

    • The Walkman player must be connected to the computer.
    • Make sure the Media Go application is being used on the computer.
    • Make sure the computer is connected to the network (router) so that the Walkman player will detect any software update available.
    • If a software update is found, install the latest software available for the Walkman player.
    • The Media Go application can only update the software of the Walkman player.
    • Not all Walkman models are compatible with the Media Go software. For further details, check the instruction guide that came with the Walkman player. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • The ways on how the Walkman player is updated varies depending on the software update available. For further details on the supported update methods, refer to the automatic firmware update function of the Walkman player.

    To update the Walkman player, follow these steps below.


    • Make sure the Walkman player is connected to the computer and not used when performing the update.
    • Charge the battery of the Walkman player fully before the update.
    • Signing in as an Administrator may be required before the software update.
    1. Connect the Walkman player to the computer.
    2. On your computer, launch the Media Go application.
    3. On the left pane of the Media Go screen, click WALKMAN.


    4. On the Update WALKMAN Software screen, click Install.

      NOTE: If the update message does not appear, the software update is unnecessary.

      Update message of Walkman player

    5. As the update notification window appears, read through it. On the bottom right, check the box for I agree to the above.
    6. Click Update now.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the software update.
    8. Once the software is complete, click OK.

      NOTE: If you are using a Walkman player with Android™ OS, set USB auto connection to on .

    Troubleshooting other issues when performing a software update.

    • The update notification window does not appear on the computer. To fix the issue, check the following.
      • Check whether the computer is connected to an active Internet connection.
      • Terminate the Media Go application, then restart the computer.

        NOTE: Once a software update is available, a notification message will appear on the overview window of the Walkman player.

    • How to downgrade the software installed to the Walkman player to its previous version.

      The software installed to the Walkman player cannot be downgraded to its previous version. We can only install the latest version.