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Unable to receive FM radio broadcasts.

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To listen to FM radio broadcasts using the FM tuner of the Walkman® player, connect the headphones directly to the headphone jack on the Walkman player. The Walkman player cannot receive an FM broadcast properly without using headphones because the headphone cord is the FM antenna.


  • Make sure there is enough distance between the AC power adapter of the unit and the Walkman player.
  • Some Walkman players may not allow headphones to be connected while the Walkman player is connected to an Active Speaker system. In this case, the reception may be lowered substantially or you will not be able to receive FM radio broadcasts.
  • Depending on your model, you may not be able to obtain FM radio reception while the Walkman player is docked on the WM-PORT. If the headphone jack is on the same side as the WM-PORT, you cannot attach the headphones while the player is docked.