Article ID : 00020780 / Last Modified : 10/19/2020

Can I transfer movies recorded with my camera to a mobile device?

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    You can transfer both MP4 movies and JPEG still images to a mobile device using the Imaging Edge Mobile app (PlayMemories Mobile™ app successor). For some models, you can transfer XAVC S HD or XAVC S 4K movie files. Check your manual for model-specific information.
    Only the following kinds of XAVC S movies can be transferred:

    • Bit rate: 100Mbps or less
    • Color sampling: 4:2:0
    • Bit depth: 8 bits


    • The file format settings that allow you to transfer movies vary depending on the camera model. Check the Imaging Edge Mobile support page for more details.
    • You can transfer 3D images that will save as 2D JPEG images.
    • You can't transfer movies recorded in AVCHD file format.
    • Use an iPhone® 8 phone or later model to transfer original XAVC S HD movies recorded with the [120p] setting or in the XAVC S 4K file format.
    • The image size that you can select and transfer are Original, 2M, or VGA.
    • For details on supported operating systems and required operating environments, check the Imaging Edge Mobile support page.