Introduction – Key camera features

    Automatic features for error-free recording

    Alpha (α) interchangeable-lens digital cameras offer outstanding automatic features not only for still images, but also for movies. No special expertise is needed— just press the MOVIE button for fully automatic recording of beautiful movies.

    Brightens images in low light, or lowers image brightness in bright scenes

    You can shoot brightened images under low-light conditions using the fully automatic shooting setting, but note that image noise may occur.

    Imagine that you're recording in low light. Automatically, the camera opens the aperture and increases the ISO sensitivity, attempting to brighten the images as much as possible. As with AUTO still-image shooting, this basic camera feature enables anyone to enjoy error-free recording, regardless of their ability or how they envision the scene.
    Those who have some experience with cameras may seek a higher level of quality, but results from this mode reflect the camera's priority of ensuring error-free recording.

    Ways to express your own style

    With α interchangeable-lens digital cameras, manual modes and other features are available in movie recording just as they are in still image shooting.

    The exceptional potential of these cameras and lenses is under your control. Use the depth of field of lenses to create beautiful bokeh. Capture scenes that unfold impressively in slow motion when played back. Coordinate the colors in a scene. In these ways, movies can be more beautiful and truer to your vision.

    Read on for movie-recording basics, tips on setting up the camera, and other details for those new to recording movies with α interchangeable-lens digital cameras. Especially if you're already familiar with basic still-image shooting, you'll learn quickly. Have a look, give it a try, and you'll expand your creative horizons.