Are APS-C and full frame cameras and lenses interchangeable? (α E-mount)

    The cameras and lenses are interchangeable, but some caution is required depending on the camera/lens combination.

    ✓ : Compatible
    - : Not Compatible

    Full frame
    Lens names start with FE.
    Example: FE 24-70 mm F2.8 GM (SEL2470GM)

    Lens names start with E.
    Example: E 35 mm F1.8 OSS (SEL35F18)

    Full frame
    ILCE-7 series etc.
    ✓ *1

    ILCE-6000 series,
    NEX series etc.

    *1 Records in the APS-C or Super 35 mm size. Same angle of view as when shooting with an APS-C image sensor.

    For details on the lens name, see the following page.
    What do all the letters and numbers in the lens name mean?

    Using APS-C lenses with full frame cameras

    The shooting size can be set on the camera. The default setting is Auto.
    Note: If vignetting occurs, APS-C/Super 35 mm might be set to Off. Check the setting.

    APS-C S35 (Super 35 mm) shooting settings

    • ILCE-7M4, ILCE-1 or ILCE-7SM3
      MENU → (Shooting) → Image QualityAPS-C S35 Shooting
    • ILCE-7RM5, ILCE-7CR, ILCE-7CM2 or ZV-E1
      MENU → (Shooting) → Image Quality/RecAPS-C S35 Shooting
    • ILCE-9M2, ILCE-9, ILCE-7RM4, ILCE-7C, ILCE-7RM3, or ILCE-7M3
      MENU → (Shooting Settings 1) → APS-C/Super 35 mm
    • Other models
      MENU → (Custom Settings) → APS-C/Super 35 mm or APS-C Size Capture.

    Description of settings

    Shoots still images in a size equivalent to APS-C and records movies in a size equivalent to Super 35 mm.
    Recording sizes are automatically determined by lens and camera settings.
    Always shoots in the full frame size.
    Note: Settings for the ILCE-7RM3 and ILCE-7M3 are as follows.
    APS-C S35 shooting:
    Set whether the recording size is automatically determined based on the lens. (Auto/Manual)
    APS-C S35 shooting in the Manual mode:
    Set whether or not to shoot in the APS-C/Super 35 mm size when APS-C S35 Shooting is set to Manual. (Off/On)
    • You may not be able to shoot well when using an APS-C lens with APS-C/Super 35 mm set to Off.
    • Only Off is available with some shooting settings, such as when recording 4K movies. For details, refer to the help guide for your camera.

    Camera and lens compatibility details

    Some features may be limited depending on the combination of camera and lens.
    For compatibility details, see the following page.

    Lens - Compatibility Information