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The image noise on my camera monitor increases after I press the shutter button halfway

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    The following settings cause image noise to increase on your camera preview display if you press and hold the shutter button halfway:

    • The Anti-flicker Shoot. setting is set to On.
    • The aperture is set to a high value.
    • The mode dial is on A (Aperture Priority)

    The preview noise doesn't affect the recorded photo. If you are distracted by the noise, set Anti-flicker Shoot. to Off.

    Note: Turning on Anti-flicker Shoot. increases the frame rate of the camera display. Combined with a small aperture size, this decreases the amount of light reaching the sensor, requiring the camera to boost the sensor sensitivity to maintain the brightness of the monitor. The increased sensor sensitivity causes the image noise.

    Preview Display Examples

    • Before pressing the shutter button:

      No Noise

    • While pressing the shutter button halfway:

      Image Noise