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The pictures have a 72 Dots Per Inch (DPI) or Pixels Per Inch (PPI) rating when viewed with photo software.

    By default, some photo software may display pictures as having a 72 DPI or PPI  rating. This is a print setting assigned to the pictures by the software; it is not associated with how the camera takes the pictures. The software will normally allow the DPI or PPI settings to be changed if desired.

    IMPORTANT: If necessary, refer to the Help section of the software for information about adjusting DPI or PPI settings.

    NOTE: Some professional print services request that pictures must be at least 300 DPI before they can be printed; what they normally mean is PPI, not DPI.

    The resolution or quality of digital photos is primarily determined by the image size (640x480, 1600x1200, and so forth) used by the camera. Most digital cameras have an image size setting in the menu. For the best picture quality, use the highest image size setting available when taking pictures. Refer to the operating instructions provided with your camera for information about possible image size settings. Manuals are posted on your model support page.