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How to import pictures using the Apple iPhoto software.

    IMPORTANT: Operating systems may have changed, so refer to Apple® Macintosh® operation manuals for details.

    Watch this short video or refer to the steps below:

    To import pictures using the Apple® iPhoto® software, follow the steps below.

    1. Connect the camera to the computer with the supplied USB cable.
    2. Turn on the camera.
      • The Apple iPhoto software should start automatically on the computer. If the software does not automatically start, open the software manually by using the Dock or you can use the Finder Bar, Go, and then select Applications.
      • Thumbnail images of the photos saved on the memory card of the camera display in the iPhoto screen.
    3. Choose which method you want to use for importing. 
      • To only import some of the pictures, click to select the thumbnail images you want and then click Import Selected.


      • To import all the pictures, click the Import All button.
    4. In the Delete Photos on Your Camera? window, click the desired option.
      • Choosing Delete Photos erases all the pictures from the memory card in the camera after transfer.
      • Choosing Keep Photos will keep a copy of the pictures you transferred to the computer on the memory card in the camera.