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The battery pack won't charge using the battery charger

    Depending on the status of the CHARGE lamp, the cause of the battery issue may differ. To determine why the battery is not charging, check the information in the table below:

    Status of the lampResolution
    The charge lamp is onThe battery is being charged. Wait until the lamp goes out when the charging finishes.
    The lamp turns off immediately after it is turned onCharging is complete.

    Note: If the lamp goes out right after charging has started, there is a possibility that the camera is already fully charged. Insert the battery inside the camera and check for the battery status through the battery status icon.

    The lamp flashes (at intervals of faster than 1 sec).The CHARGE lamp flashing slowly indicates that the charging is stopped because the battery temperature is too high or too low. Remove the battery pack from the battery charger and leave both aside at an ambient temperature of 50ºF to 86ºF (10ºC to 30ºC). Try charging the battery pack again later.

    Note: If the lamp is flashing slowly, charging will resume when the battery temperature increases or decreases until it is within the appropriate range. The lamp automatically changes from flashing to a steady light.

    The lamp is flashing (at intervals of faster than 1 sec) or it does not light up.This may indicate that charging was stopped or it cannot be started because the battery terminal is dirty. This issue may occur when the battery has not been used for a long time.


    • If you are using an extension cable and the CHARGE lamp is not lighting up, attach the battery charger directly to a wall socket. For reference, check the picture below.
    • Correct e Incorrect

    • When using the commercially available battery charger (BC-TRX), change the selector switch depending on your preferred charging method.
      • When charging the battery installed with the camera : BATTERY CHARGE.
      • When charging by connecting with the USB cable : USB POWER 5V 1500mA.

    If the issue is still unresolved, replace the battery pack or the battery charger.  Go to Parts and Accessories