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How to convert multiple RAW format images to JPEG with the Image Data Lightbox SR 2.x software.

    1. Open the Image Data Lightbox SR 2.x software.
    2. On the tool bar, click File.
    3. In the drop-down menu, click Create New Collection.
    4. In the Add Files to Collection window, click the Add a Folder button.
    5. In the Browse for Folder window, click to select the folder that contains the RAW (.ARW) format files you want to convert.
    6. Click the OK button.


      • After clicking the OK button, thumbnail-sized images will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
      • In an Image Data Lightbox SR dialog box appears saying that images in unsupported file formats are included and will be skipped, click the Yes button.


    7. On the computer keyboard, press and hold the Ctrl button.
    8. While holding the Ctrl button, click each of the images that you want to convert.
    9. When you are finished selecting the images, release the Ctrl button.
    10. On the tool bar, click Features.
    11. In the Features drop-down menu, click Output.
    12. In the Output window, next to the Save format field, click the down arrow.
    13. In the drop-down window, click to select JPEG Format.
    14. Click the Browse button to select a different location on the computer to save the converted images.
    15. Click the Save button.

      NOTE: A Save Images window will appear during the conversion process.

    16. When the conversion process is complete, click the Close button.